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  • Irenko Language Services

    Translation: English-Russian, Russian-English

    Efficiency. Accuracy. Individual Approach. Confidentiality. 

  • Evolvement Publishing

    Writing services. Blogs, Creative Writing.

  • Exclusive Greeting Cards

    High quality photographic cards. Choose your own photo from our selection of original photography.

    Video greeting - we'll make your photo talk, add a few special effects and create an original and unforgettable greeting.


  • Evolutionary PC Games

    Stress relief? Need to release your anger? Need to keep your mind off your troubles? Download and play one of our free games.

  • Noetic Positivism
    Noetic positivism believes that Humankind has accumulated sufficient knowledge to make science really useful. To this day, however, instead of looking at intentions, we still only ever try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to diagnose actions in terms of their effects, which are merely the net result of the phenomena involved… In other words, Noetic positivism sees its aim as creating methodologies to help define the possible modalities of a phenomenon at the level of intention…