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Dancing on the Edge of Spring...

I love the early spring sun, its tender , subtle, at times more persistent touch;  the warmth it bestows on you, so lavishly.  I love to feel my body caressed and tickled by sun beams, to watch the sun with my eyes shut. My darkness is then red, what colour is Yours?  The sun.  The source of life, both physical and mental... Born into severe climate, I always dreamt of ‘eternal sunshine’. I searched for it. But when I found it I suddenly realized the beauty of the change of seasons. There is nothing like nature awakening, when the sky is still overcast, the ground is tethered by the frost and snow. Yet, you can feel the slow motion, stirring in its core. It’s uprising, and the nature beat infiltrates your mind, sending impulses to your body.  For no reason obvious to you, you feel a touch of euphoria , some luxurious anticipation, deep inside,  rising up quietly, slowly, lifting its hands, straightening its shoulders,  gaining pace, momentum and washing over you at full blast... and there you are, Dancing on the Edge of Spring.

Winter, I love you  -for this beautiful flight you launch me into.