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On Eggs


An egg is a funny little thing, isn’t it. Neither dead, nor alive. Neither here, nor there. You kill a chance of life by eating it. Yet, how versatile they are: all sorts of omelettes, fried eggs, boiled eggs…what not. Do you think it might still be breathing in you if you drink it raw? That could be a youth recipe.

There was a time I kept buying them. Yes, just buying. Every time I walk into a shop I find myself wandering to the egg shelf- almost subconsciously I’d fetch a pack of ten (they sell them in tens here, likewise in Russia ). Coming home and opening the fridge I’d discover the other package of ten sitting there, untouched. I am also a bit whimsical about the food I eat and paranoid about getting a stomach bug so I’d throw away the brand new package which had arrived first, and place a new one in the fridge, looking at them lovingly - as I’ve got a confession to make, I don’t even like eggs.