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Every rock has a story to tell... Andre

Оnce upon a time there lived a stone on a seashore. Of course, there were a lot of stones, but there was something unusual about this particular one. Perhaps, it was the sad expression of his face…which a human eye wasn't able to see. ..
So, he was lonely, gloomy and grey. He wasn't very big and might have looked rather nice if it were not for his prickly forms. And people, stumbling over him often hurled their curses at him and wished he would have never lain there.
And he kept lying, unable to move, though he wished to  - with all his heart. .
At times he thought: if only I had wings I would fly away not to hear and see these cruel people again.  At such moments a little tear would roll down his cheek. He would have already died of grief and loneliness if he could have (you know, he was a stone, and as every stone was doomed to live for ever). He would have died if it were not for the nights, when the twinkling stars cast their light on him and tender waves caressed him with their dainty touches, and there was noone around.
At those times he would go deep in his dreams, and feel  happy. However, every sunrise reminded him of the coming gloom.

At nights he looked at the sky and the sea, merging with each other and dreamt of becoming part of this unity…
Once…It was an unbelievably beautiful night. A human being was never to see such a night. The start were shedding unusual reddish light, as if all of them had become hotter and closer to the Earth all at once. They were shining so brightly and there were so many of them above him, he couldn't see a dark patch of sky free of them.
However, that was only above him. From time to time he could distinguish the sounds of thunder and looking to the right, in a distance, his eyes could catch the glimpses of lightning traversing the black night sky. The sea was more perturbed than usual, and waves coming one after another, covered him more and more persistently as if calling to join them.
The beauty was breathtaking.

He couldn't remember a night as stunning..
He was admiring it, but at the back of his soul he felt some anxiety, some uneasiness, as if something serious was about to happen.
He was deep in his thoughts, pondering over his life, when the flow of his reflections was interrupted by some odd sound. He looked up and saw a dolphin.  The dolphin was looking at the stone as if addressing him. The stone looked around…Noone had ever talked to him before. He thought his hearing was failing him, but the dolphin kept looking at him, addressing him: I came here for you. And I am your friend. Do not be afraid of me. I know you, I know your dreams. I've been listening to them at the moments when you, thinking that there was noone around, appealed to the stars.
I think, I can make you happy. There is a far-away place. It's peaceful and deserted, not a single man has ever stepped on its land. I am going there. I am as lonely as you are. And the human world caused me a lot of trouble as well. I need a friend. So, if you wish you can go with me.
- But I can't move!  - cried out the stone bitterly, and the tears fell into the sea and mingled with its salt.
- I will put you on my back and together we'll reach it.

They were heading for the place of their destination and every day diminished the distance. They were happy together. It's understandable: both had been lonely and noone loved them before..and now they felt they needed each other. But as they were traversing the sea, the stone started noticing how weaker and weaker his friend was becoming with every day. But they were still far from their dream. And once, the stone said to the dolphin: 'I see how difficult it is for you to move with such a burden as I am. I am certain that if not both of us, but at least one must reach this place. If you throw me into the waters you will get there alone, if you don't – you will die, exhausted, and I, anyway, will never fulfill my dream. I am destined to live and hopefully to die in the waters of the sea.'

The dolphin tried to protest, but the stone continued:

'You, possibly, heard me appealing to God to let me go into the sea. So, leave me now. I must be sure you reach our land.'

That was unbearable for both of them to part, they became so close to each other during this long dream journey, as people can't be…

And yet, the stone was appealing to his friend so bitterly, that the dolphin couldn't help fulfilling his entreaty.

A long time has passed since that story.

We don't know what had happened to that stone. But once, there was noticed a dolphin, floating close to the Maerd Harbour. He looked like a human being as if he was looking for something valuable, he had once lost. And the inhabitants of that Harbour (it became populated only a few years ago) were able to observe him nearly every day year after year.
Once they didn't find him floating there and from then on noone saw him again. They say, he had been trapped by the poachers, sailing in that area.