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On Insurance


Among other definitions of Insurance in "Dictionary.com Unabridged” insurance is defined as follows: any means of guaranteeing against loss or harm.

Nota Bene: loss or harm is not specified…

Likewise in "AllWords.com”: insurance –a means of indemnity against occurrence of an uncertain event

(Insurance- from ensure: c.1385 from Anglo-Fr. Ensurer, from en- “make” + O.Fr.seur “sure” probably infl. By O.Fr. assurer “assure”).

Interestingly enough, the Russian word for insurance derives from the word “fear”, which is providing against fears…

People insure their homes, they insure their cars, their jobs, their health, their lives, they insure themselves against risk of overeating, overheating, against fraud, against assault, against failure... is it possible for a human mind to stop in that powerful, developing throughout centuries ardour for providing against All risks, is it possible not to get the whole life perception infected with the insurance concept...or does it spread around like cancer, furtively getting into every nook and cranny of one's mind, transforming it or rather, Forming it into an against-all-risks life perception following an illusion of a pseudo-ability to insure virtually anything in one’s life. Would such an insurance-minded person be able to take any risks a relationship intrinsically involves? Would he/she be able to give away themselves completely without stipulating and speculating over the possible losses, without trying to insure and receive the guarantees against failure, loss or harm…isn't the whole concept of all-embracing insurance poisoning, demoralizing the relations, which mere nature is that of risking, of putting yourself, your heart, your soul at stake, at a mercy of another being.

People who drink in with mother's milk a concept of the all-embracing insurance availability, are they able to differentiate things subject to insurance and those which are not?  Is it possible for the subconscious not to yield to such a tempting idea of insuring one's most precious -the heart…and is it why people are becoming increasingly indecisive in their choices? Or maybe they are subconsciously waiting for an against-heartbreak-insurance slip…